by Joe Neill

Joe Neill ParallelWorldsOne 2020 Dessin numerique sur papier 64x200 & 32x100 cm

“InnerSanctum”, the title of this series of new drawings, was chosen because it uses a highly personalized subject as a vehicle for communicating my vision of the world. A vision that sees harmony, efficiency and organization as essential elements in a civilized society.

Art maintains a constant dialog with life and all life forms are a “system”.

Thus, the use of a “factory” as a subject, which is also a system, permits a dialog with life forms that does not interfere with the specifics of those forms but uses its position as a sort of parallel world to observe and reflect rather than to analyze and dissect on the nature of our existence.

We live in a society today that takes almost everything for granted and at face value, these drawings have as their intention to suggest that what we see is not necessarily what is there and asks us to look beyond the reality that surrounds us in order to find a more metaphysical meaning to our lives.

Joe Neill – mai 2021

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